Rise Of A New Strike

by Pandemmy

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released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Pandemmy Recife, Brazil

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Track Name: Circus Of Tyrannies
"What caused the disaster? Who are the real enemies? The media? Politicians? Enterprises? Governments? What really happened?"

The self-flogging sowing fear
Patriotic orgy, deluding its own population
Dominates the people, promised security
The theater invasions, The Middle East's nightmare

Welcome to the horror show
To deceive a deteriorated world
The ghost of democracy
A circus of tyrannies

Five walls indestructibles
Crater smelling explosives
Don’t smell the fuel
Confiscated footage

Where the wreckage? Where are the black box?
Untrained pilots and untouchables evidences
Controlled airspace, arabian flights
Suspect planes in a restricted sky

Building 7 imploded
Strange flashes appear
Mistery in the field
No bodies or pieces

Internal Explosion and molten steel
Discarded samples annihilated the investigation
Celphone calling, Invisible plane, invisible science
The big lie by big liars! Betrayers!
Track Name: State Of War
All the time, facing the hate
Fighting every sunrise
A past of cruel debts
Swallowed by ignorance

Against lies snobs
Arguments and facts
Fear of equality
How disgust

My state of war! Attacked!
My state of war! Connected!

Work in silence is the better revenge
The lord of time
Battles within, I try win
Decadence versus suffering
Blood conflict blood
The challenge of respect
In a routine of sadness
Relations future in black

Against lies snobs
Arguments and facts
Fear of equality
How disgust

My state of war is emerging
Constructivism for a better world
Dignity through violence
After ignoring the path of words
My state of war testifying the hatred
The dialectic of one mind
Eternal battle against the media lies
Strong roots avoid a disgrace
Track Name: 7000 Days Of Terror (And The New Attempt)
Equality still cause fear in meritocrats
An american cliché from utopia communist
U.S.A behind the lines prepare to attack
An old desire and practice to control

7000 days of terror and pain
A ditactor state to be abominate!

American ambassador send false news
Cowards military against the emergences
Financing companies or allied press
Intentional justice and freedom without wings

A young democracy about to collapse
Headless minority is wishing a new setback

A long way to go
Where are the heroes of the past?
Active conservatism while society rests

Political illiteracy condemns democracy
A republic with thrones, the judiciary illusion
Corruption arising from colonialism
And the Brazilian elite steeped in hypocrisy

These difficult days, pessimism and pain
New dictator state will not be tolerated!
Track Name: Almost Dead
Trapped in another universe, lost in my own mind
Doom takes over my brain, I’m feeling far from mankind.
Despite the Gloom (Plaguing me)
A pleasure falls on my soul
A sense of omnipotence, but my arms shed blood

Now! I fight against my mind!
The void are blowing in me
But all I need is just one more chance!

To fix my mistakes
Recover my dignity
To change the facts
I need to give my last breath
Hope still not gone
My body is under the shore
Solitude... it's all i have
Because now I'm almost dead!

Lost in the space-time, my body floats
Forsaken by god, I stand on thorns
Despite the Gloom (Plaguing me)
A pleasure falls on my soul
A sense of omnipotence
But my arms shed blood

Blaming myself for my sins
Healing the human disease
I sink into my own sorrows
Chained by my own ghosts

Almost Alive!
Almost Dead!
Track Name: Rise Of A New Strike
Aniquilate the path dependence
This is the time of maturity
The minimum effective dose
The caracther of things is rise

Without space for unconsciousness
Here is the place to homogeneity
Commitment isn’t a toy
Effectiveness is the right choice

Systematic side
Abominating lies
Live face of facts
This is the real impact
True responsibilities
Feeling dreams
Retaking control
Phoenix reborn from my soul

This is rise of a new impact
The ascension of new soul
A new mind, a better life
The rise of new strike

Empower the proactivity!
Development thy potenciality!
Track Name: Inferno Is Over
These walls prevent our hapiness
The same walls can’t limit a new life
A cold smile, a frozen heart
Waiting for a time to restart
This story don’t fit one more chance
Both sides needing another house
Separate roots, everyone loose
The next step is stop this fight

Indifference, without innocence, jurisprudence, obedience
Suffering with the bad consequences
Dignity, equality, thy egoism, pragmatism
Stunted cumplicity

Don’t need give our hands
It’s hard to understand?
Don’t stay waiting by death
Inferno is over!

Don’t let our memories fall
The feeling was closed
Don’t stay waiting by death
Inferno is over!
Track Name: Stars Of Decadence
Credibility and praise for cult of celebrities
Have money to buy everything, but don’t a smile
Hate over-exposure
Step by step through the web
A new dictatorship to sculpt a perfect body

Decadent star
Narcissistic profile.
Decadent star
Disconnected from life
Decadent stars
Advertising and fame
Decadent star
No reason for shame

I recognize his great legacy
But white wine was hypocrisy
His fame may have saved you from police
The metal is a power against prejudice

Follow the insanity and kill your precious time
Why not me suggests improvements to my life?
I don’t have prestige that makes you break the laws
Repeat their actions will bring me serious consequences
Track Name: Against The Perfect Humankind
Biological premise for living
Economic premise to die
The insistence of eugenics
The wrongs from science by policy
This is a dangerous power
Goodness isn’t in pure blood
Conclude that superiority doesn’t derive from ethnic

Cowards laws, took the right to a new light
Current laws, kill a new special life
The same place, the same reign, the same crown.
Slaves socially dead!

The eugenics lies and poor people died
We are against the perfect human kind
Some scientists lied and innocents died
We are against the perfect human kind

Degeneration as social hygiene?
Elite devoid of intelligence
Idealize only what is convenient
A future that discards the past
Religions hierarchize people
For the church we are not equal
Eliminate some bodies
A future that discards the life
Track Name: No Reasons For losses
Trapped in a destiny without choices
Their future belongs for other voices
Obey to survive is the only chance
A natural repugnance

Wicked intentions for conquer all
The black gold to devouring souls
Rulers concealing deeds by the wealth
It’s a routine from the hell

Lifes taken, plagued maze, rotten means, scorn proclaim!
Territories of agony and pain
Norms or lies? Guns and fights, dimmed light, powerless!
The stupor of love and hate

Enthralled for the shoot desire
Eager by nullifying the injustices
God is dead on both sides
More clashes prolong conflicts
Among various manners to peace
Victims exist for don’t desist

Dying with countries feasting on lifes
No reasons for losses!
Shame, this history to remains live by lays
No reasons for losses!
Crying, for childrens of these emptiness times.
No reasons for losses!
Dismay, when hope is a quick decay
No reasons for losses!